Summer Term 2018

Summer term is here already and our topic is ' Can we survive without bees and butterflies?'
We are eagerly watching the caterpillars we have in our classroom and noticing how they change. We have turned our role play area into the hungry caterpillar's cafe and also have a small world area filled with mini beasts!
We are turning part of the school field into a bee and butterfly friendly area, so will be very busy planting seeds and making hotels for the insects to live in. 
On Friday, the cricket coach from St Neot cricket club, Stephen Rowe, came to give us a lesson. We had lots of fun in the sun trying to bat, catch and bowl! Thank you to Mr Rowe, Mr Massey and Ms Pethick who all came along to help.  
Our PTFA organised a tea party on the Green for the Royal Wedding. There were lots of games to play, crown making and drumming. We all had a lovely time and ate yummy cakes in the sun!
Each class had butterfly eggs which hatched out into tiny caterpillars. They gradually got bigger. One day we came to school and they had all built themselves their own chrysalis. We were very careful to look but not touch and eventually out came some beautiful butterflies. Here are some photos of when we released them.
Our sponsored walk raised £421 for the bee and butterfly garden. We spent Friday 25th May outside planting and learning outside. We are very pleased with the garden so far, but there is still lots to do!
Year 1 and 2 made lovely butterflies out of natural bits and bobs we found outside. We tried to make sure our butterflies were symmetrical. Then we took a photo of them all, cut them out and made a display out of them with flowers that Reception had made.