Summer Term 2018

Would we survive without butterflies and bees?
We will study insect life and the impact humans have on their survival and how losing them would impact on humans. Below you will find the Learning at Home sheet and some useful revision sites.
Butterfly Drawings
We have drawn pictures of a wide variety of British butterflies and found out about their habitats and life cycles. Some butterflies are very rare and some have specialised habitats.
Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition
Delia, Jill and John came to talk to the children about the impact of plastics on the environment particularly the marine environment. We learnt about how plastics are made, how they are disposed of, what biodegradable means when it comes to plastics, the impact of balloons in the countryside and sea and how we can help by being aware and making changes in our own lives.
Painted Lady Butterflies
The Miracle of Metamorphosis
We placed the caterpillar food in the bottom of separate vials and then carefully placed one larva on top of the food. The lids, which have air holes pierced in them, are then placed on top. These caterpillars are expected to take between 3 and 5 weeks to develop into butterflies. 
Every day we will measure the caterpillars to see how much they grow overnight. Day 1 they were approx 5mm, Day 2 approx 9mm and Day 3 approx 11mm - if they keep growing at this rate they will become very large indeed! We are building a graph in class of the growth.
Plastic bottle top project.
We have started to create our plastic bottle top mural. Jake's mum and dad donated exterior plywood for the base and everyone in the school has been collecting bottle tops for months - we have thousands!
First we decided on a design by picking out parts from various designs made by the children. We painted the ply background, next we painted on the shapes of the creatures and finally we have started to attach the bottle tops. It is still a work in progress - thanks to Mr Given and Miss Naismith for their help.
Beach Safety RNLI
The whole school had a very interesting and informative talk and demonstrations from 2 lifeguards from the RNLI. The children were reminded about beach safety, flags, rip currents and what to do in an emergency. We made leaflets afterwards to show what we had learnt.
Drumming Lessons
Mr Richards from Looe Secondary has started whole class drumming lessons  we hope to give a demonstration at the Tea Party on The Green for the Royal Wedding on 18th May!
Fantastic news....
Kayden and Freddie's poster won the Biffa Competition.
They designed a poster about the problems of releasing balloons into the environment.
Every child in Key Stage 2 designed a poster. Votes were taken by all the children and the result was that their poster was picked to represent the school.
Their slogan is: Balloons Fly, Animals Die
The Butterflies have Flown
We have released the butterflies - we had a fantastic survival rate only one chrysalis didn't develop into a butterfly. There was great excitement when freeing the butterflies in the playground.
Outdoor Classroom Day
After our SATs exams we had Outdoor Classroom Day! We walked through the village, via the churchyard, into the school allotment,to the standing Stone Circle, back to the Skate Park and finally into the school field.  We collected natural materials in order to make journey sticks. We made butterflies and bees from natural materials, we released the butterflies and made journey sticks.
Journey Sticks
Aboriginal people in Australia used journey sticks to more easily recount their journeys to other people upon their return.  They found a large walking stick, collected materials found along the way, and tied them to the stick in chronological order. We made our own journey sticks through the village: visiting the church, the school allotment Circle, the War Memorial, the cricket pitch, skate park and finally back into the school grounds. The children made rubbings, collected 'bits'from nature e.g. twigs, leaves or pebbles etc. We attached the items to the stick and could recreate creatively the map of our walk.
Woodwind Concert - flutes, saxophones and clarinets.
We had a wonderful concert by the woodwind players in Class 3: Mary Gracey, Lena, Aliyah, Mia, Joshua and Lawrence from Class 2 . They played several pieces, in small groups and as a whole group. Mrs Carter even joined in!
Otters and Butterflies Trip
Everyone a whole school trip to the Otter and Butterflies Sanctuary at Buckfastleigh with the added bonus of seeing steam trains at the South Devon Railway Station. It was a wonderful way to study large tropical butterflies in the butterfly house, see the eggs on the leaves, the chrysalis hanging on the rods, the emerging butterflies and the adults as they flew around the very hot butterfly house. We also saw lots of terrapins, fish and a very large iguana. We were amazed by the variety of colours, sizes, shapes and textures of the different chrysalis.
We saw butterflies emerging from the chrysalis during the day and were astounded by the size of some of the butterflies as they unfurled their wings.
Looe Bowling Club
Thank you to members of Looe Bowling Club who gave the year 6 group a lesson in playing bowls. The children learned about the weight of the ball and how to make it 'turn'. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Visit to the Plymouth Synagogue
We had a super interactive and informative visit to the Synagogue. We had the opportunity to see, touch and use lots of artifacts and were truly engaged by the speaker.
Beach Clean Seaton Beach
As a follow on from the Cornwall Coalition visit we completed a beach clean on Seaton Beach. We collected 2.8kg of rubbish. Thank you to Delia who brought all the equipment we needed.
Seaton Stores gave us all ice lollies on a very very hot day for which we were very grateful.