Summer term 2017

Summer Term 2017
Welcome back to school for another busy and exciting term - (paper copies of any documents can be requested) - 
 Sensations of India - our homework page!
Bishop Tim visited our class...
Bishop Tim came to our school today as part of his visit to the parish. He did an assembly in St Cuby's Church and then walked around our school and spoke to all the children in the classes. Class three had lots of questions about his life, favourite Bible stories, his early life as a vicar, his inspirations and his travels. He told us his favourite country is South Sudan.
Beach Safety Assembly
Harry and Joe, two RNLI lifeguards, talked to us about beach safety. The explained the work of a lifeguard, the flags on the beach, what to do if you get into trouble and gave advice about looking after yourself in the sun.
Gracey's animation
Gracey has created an animation of a swimmer in trouble and the lifeguard going to the rescue and finally the swimmer happily back on the beach!
Carbon Reduction Challenge
We submitted a Powerpoint presentation and a book with what we learned about reducing carbon in the atmosphere and how we can contribute to the reduction. This is the presentation with photographs of the pages of the book. We collected information about train journeys families made and how if the journey had been completed by car the carbon emissions were different.
Sikhism - Langar Meal
We prepared and shared a vegetarian meal similar to the one which would be served in the gurdwara. We learned about the importance of equality and service and how a meal is served to anyone, no matter what denomination, at the gurdwara for free. 
Today we had a visit from Daya a Sikh lady living in Cornwall. She described lots of aspects of the culture of India and the religion of Sikhism. The children had opportunities to hear significant Sikh stories, listen to music and dance, see videos inside the gurdwara which Daya visits in London and cook food typically served in the gurdwara for a langar meal.
The children loved dressing up in the colourful clothing and taking part in role play.
Electricity Workshop with Mr Hughes
Mr Hughes did an electricity workshop with the children. He talked about how electricity was made, atoms and free electrons. The children discussed solar panels, wind turbines and hydro electricity - the pros and cons of the different types. They played with a plasma ball, made a light sabre and did a resistance experiment with dry and damp hands. They made 'numbers' by using  7 different light circuits. Great fun was had by all.
Sports Day 
Thank you to all of Year 6 who did such a wonderful job today on Sports Day, organising events, putting out equipment, helping younger children and clearing up afterwards. 
Coco's Carbon Challenge
We are delighted to be the winners of the Carbon Challenge set by Rebecca Catterall of the Rail Partnership.
She complimented the children on the thoroughness of their research and how they had calculated the carbon savings.
Well done everyone - the trophy and certificate are on display in the entrance hall.
Dante Quartet
Class 3 went to Hillfort School for a violin workshop with the Dante Quartet. The whole class learn violins every Tuesday with Mrs Penny Thomas. There was a short concert by the Quartet to start the session and the musicians talked about their music and instruments. After that they worked with the children who played Frere Jaques in different parts and ways.
Activity Week
We have superb weather for activity week - a bit too hot at times! Activities included athletics, quidditch tournament, woodwork, a circular walk in the woods, making healthy food and a picnic, den building, going to the skate park and finally ending with camping overnight on the school field.
Thank you to Donna and Trish particularly who stayed overnight and helped several times over the week. Thank you to Pip, Claire, Jess and James who also helped with setting up tents and cooking the BBQ and games in the cricket field. It was an excellent week overall with learning across all areas of the curriculum.