Summer 2018 Would we survive without butterflies and bees?

Would we survive without butterflies and bees?
Hopefully we will have wonderful weather for the summer term so we can explore our environment and investigate the wildlife around us. 
Our Creative Day theme is about the impact of bees, butterflies and other insects on life and how humans will be impacted if we do not look after them. We will include finger knitting butterflies, cooking, music composition, cross stitch, painting and book making as part of our learning during the creative projects.
We have plans to create a large bottle top mural which will be displayed in the playground on the theme of the environment, both land and sea.
We have organised a whole school trip to the Otter and Butterfly Centre in Devon and we will have a beekeeper visit school to tell us about beekeeping. 
We will investigate the impact of humans on the survival of insects and what effect there would be if the numbers dropped.
We can't wait to get started!