Spring Term 2018

During the Spring term we will be learning all about the legacy of the Aztecs.
We have already set ourselves some interesting questions and we have talked about how we will be able to find out the answers.
*Did they have clothes like us?
*What food did they eat?
*How did they travel around?
*What houses did they live in?
*How do you make a headdress?
*Did they have pets?
*What toys did they have?
Here are some of the lovely things we have been doing in our learning about Aztecs.
The children are really enjoying using the woodwork table to create totem poles. They each create a section and choose how they want to decorate it.  They have to really concentrate in order to use the tools safely and overcome LOTS of problems!
For Mother's Day, we decorated pebbles to give to the special lady in our lives. 
In our R.E. work we have been thinking about belonging.  We are all very lucky to belong to our school but we also belong to lots of different things outside of school.
World Book Day
World Book Day is on Thursday 1st March.  As a part of this we will be sending home a Reading at Home Challenge.  Your challenge will be to take part in 20 reading challenges over a month.  These challenges will include reading by torchlight, reading to a teddy, reading a non-fiction book and following a recipe.  We are sure you will have a lot of fun.
Creative Days
Our Creative Days have begun and we started off our first week by using clay to create some clay pendants, we are going to paint them gold when they are dry, just like the rich Aztecs would have worn, made headdresses, the chiefs would have had a red feather, and we had a go at sewing some Aztec patterns.  What a lot of work for just one day.