Spring Term 2017

Class 3 Spring term 2017
During this term we will be focusing on the topic of Mountains and Rivers.
Our question is - What are the impacts of mountains and rivers on life?
We will be looking at the negative and positive impacts of these geographical features and also how humans impact on these environments.
There are 9 pieces of homework on the chart - choose 6 to complete - you must do number 7. 
We made boats for homework!
Part of our homework is to produce boats, any design or material, which can carry an apple. We have begun testing our boats and they can carry surprisingly large loads. We have had boats made from wood, lego, recycled materials and decorated fabulously.
Plymouth Raiders Basketball
Danny Stevens from Plymouth Raiders has been teaching basketball to Class 2 and Class 3. The children are loving the sessions and totally engaged. Members of the team came into school to do an assembly. They told the children about themselves, how they became players and how they prepare both mentally and physically for games. 
BBC Terrific Scientific Taste Investigation
Class Three investigated their ability to taste by taking part in the BBC Taste Investigation. We checked how many non-tasters, tasters and super-tasters we had in the class by smearing blue food dye on the tips of our tongues and counting the pink bumps (fungiform papillae) in an area the size of a hole punch. 
Train Trip on the Liskeard to Looe Railway Line and Walk along West Looe River
Class 3 enjoyed a train ride from Liskeard to Looe on the Looe Valley Line as part of the COCO Carbon Reduction Challenge organised by Rebecca Caterall  from the Rail Development Partnership.
Class 3 have been making up their own verses to the French song Elle descend de la montagne..... It is sung to the tune of She'll be coming round the mountain.
Painting Boat and Countryside Scenes
We are very proud of our paintings of boats and countryside scenes which are on display in our entrance area at school. Here are just a few of them.
Lenten River
We have created a 'Lenten River'. We have thought about doing something for Lent rather than giving something up. Everyone has written what they want to do on a ripple in the river, the ripples will spread and touch everyone around us.
Oliver's volcano homework
Oliver took his volcano homework into the nursery and made it erupt - much to the delight of the little children.
World Book Day
Everyone dressed up as a book character - there were some amazing costumes and even jam tart for everyone from the Queen of Tarts! We had a whole school shared read and older children read to younger children and talked about books together.
Creative Day Work
On this powerpoint is a tiny sample of some of the work completed.
Ed Buckingham First Cornish Man To CLimb Everest
Ed came to talk to the children about his experiences climbing the highest mountains on the 7 continents - Kilimanjaro in Africa, Aconcagua in South America, Everest in Asia, Elbrus in Europe, Denali in North America, Kosciuszko in Australia and Vinson in Antarctica. He told the children about all his adventures and achievements and answered their many questions.
Source to Sea 2 day Geography Outdoor Adventure Trip
First day of our 2 day river source to sea trip. It was very, very wet but we had a great adventure on the Moor. We saw how the water eroded the soil, the boggy areas of the moor, the old man's beard in the trees, the ford in the river and much more. Unfortunately due to the poor weather we didn't quite make it to the source of the River Fowey.
Canoeing Day with Porthpean Leaders
We had a fantastic day on the river Fowey. The leaders ensured we had all our safety equipment and the Canadian canoes were rafted together for extra safety. There were adult leaders in all of the boats. The geography we have been learning all term has been  reinforced through experience. We saw the channel of the river, narrow and shallow at Lostwithiel and very deep and wide at Fowey. We saw examples of deposition and erosion, meanders, varied wildlife including geese, ducks, buzzards, herons and egrets. We saw different settlements by the river and also the Sawmill Recording studio. Simon told us lots of stories e.g about King Edward's holiday house and the Royal train line, the Wiseman's pool were fish was kept fresh after being caught, St Winnow Church where muskets were found under the floor boards.
We all had an amazing, exciting and energetic day.
Thank you to Simon, Mark, Chris, Dean and Archie from Porthpean Outdoor Adventure Centre.
Cross Country Awards Evening
12 children received medals for taking part in the cross-country races over the last two terms. Year 3 and 4 girls team took first place for South East Cornwall. Congratulations to all those who have been committed to their racing - well done.
Hockney Inspired Paintings
Charlie and Freddie have created their own painting on canvas - they have been influenced by the Hockney paintings we have studied in ICT.
Comic Relief
We all came to school dressed in red and lots of families made cake with a red theme.
The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Five members of the orchestra held the children enthralled as the travelled through the centuries from Tudor Times to the present day, playing music by Holst, Vivaldi, Henry V111 and much more. They used the Dr Who theme to link the centuries. The children were fascinated by the instruments and the beautiful music they listened to. These are some of the comments written by the children in Class 3 after the concert.
Circuits with a river theme!
We made electrical circuits using the theme of rivers. Some people made animals, other boats and others light houses. We made parallel and series circuits, used a variety of components  and switches.