Special Educational Needs


Our School's Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENco) is - Mrs Tina Wright

Children at Duloe School identified by class teachers as having particular learning needs, are given help with the two Key Stages through the close liaison of our Special Needs Coordinator (SENco), and their class teacher.

An Individual Education Plan will be drawn up in consultation with the school and the parents or carers. This is reviewed regularly to assess the child's progress towards their individual targets. A child with special learning difficulties might be referred to relevant supporting bodies such as the Educations Psychologist who can help by recommending specialist teaching or classroom support. If help beyond the level available in school is required, parents are contacted prior to assessment being made on a formal basis as detailed in 'New Code of Practice 2002 Education Needs.

Our Special Educational Needs Governor is - Mrs Pam Bayley

Please click on the link below to download our 'Local Offer' which is our SEN information report which details the levels of support and provision provided by our School - Our SEN Policy is available to download below 

(paper copies can be requested)-