Medical Information

It is important that if your child has diarrhoea or sickness, then they should not be returned to school until they have had 48 hours clear of all symptoms.


This is a frequently recurring problem with many schools and we are able to give advice on treatment and preventative measures for any family.

We know many families regularly check and treat all members of their family in order to break the current cycle of re-infection that seems to be occurring in schools.

We believe children should be made aware that this is not anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of, but a nuisance that occurs when groups of people gather together regularly.

Regular combing and checking does limit the spread of any live animals and your help with this is always greatly appreciated.

For more information please download the letter below. 

Measles Update

The number of children catching measles is rising.

To prevent this, children need to be immunised with MMR vaccine.

Children under the age of 18 years who have missed their MMR vaccination should have the vaccine.

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