Autumn term 2017

Welcome back to Class Three
Shape in Nature - where can we find it?
Light is our topic in science and we have been busy learning about shadows, reflections, refraction, using prisms and making periscopes. 
As part of her learning at home Lena created a Fantastic Harvest Loaf, which we showed in assembly and then shared in class.
Jemima made a different type of bread - a large plaited loaf.
We are also making harvest loaves as part of our creative days - learning about how yeast works and the different shapes that bread is made into.
This piece of work was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Kayden said it made him think about 'the leaves we step on but don't see and how so much work, nutrients and colour go into them.'
Mia decided we needed a lot of perseverance because the leaves kept falling off. Jemima admired their prettiness, shape and different sizes. Poppy noticed spots on the leaves. Archie thought the leaves would be smooth but he was surprised by the fluffy texture!
Shared Reading
The children in Class 3 read to the younger children in Class 1. They enjoyed the engagement of the younger children, were surprised at how much some of them knew and decided that sometimes it can be hard teaching small children! The younger children chose the books and the pre-school children joined in too.
Visit to Cardinham Woods
We had a fantastic day walking through the woods completing geography field work - looking at the environment, land use, river features including erosion, deposition, meanders and flood plains. We also calculated the speed of the river - lots of maths involved in that! We completed some art work and produced some wonderful pencil sketches. 
Stick Nativity
In preparation for instruction writing we made 'stick' nativity scenes. We took the classroom outside and despite the cold weather and impending rain managed very quickly to get all our pieces cut. We decorated the sticks as shepherds, wisemen, animals, Mary and Joseph and a manger with a baby Jesus. Next we assembled them on a base and added details. We sold our Nativity scenes as a fund raiser at the Christmas Fayre.
Christmas Tree Festival
Every class made a wise owl decoration for the school's Christmas tree which is part of the village Christmas Tree festival in St Cuby's Church, Duloe . Pre-school made owls from palm prints on paper. Class 1 made owls from discs of wood and decorated them with buttons, sequins and wood scraps. Class 2 made their owls from a pompom base and added felt, button and other decorations. Class 3 designed and made owls from felt and added buttons, bows or sequins to make individual and unique decorations.