Autumn Term 2016

Welcome back to a new term in Class 1.
This term our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age.  
We have got a lot of great activities planned, including home building, tool making and cave painting.
Why don'y you see what you can find out about people who lived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?
We thought about how Stone Age people would have found food. We found out that they either hunted animals, fished or gathered food from what they could find growing around them. 
We pretended to be hungry Stone Age children and went gathering our food outside. We found blackberries, nuts, apples, pears and some herbs. 
Next we wrote a recipe using some of the ingredients.
Finally, we made our Stone Age recipe using only things we could find outside. It was a real challenge! What could we use for a plate? How can we chop up an apple without a knife? It was GREAT fun!
Magnificent maths
Over this term we will be building upon the children's knowledge of number, shape and space.  At home encourage your child to count everyday objects e.g. counting the stairs to bed, how many blue cars can you spot, handle money which will help them start to recognise coins of different values, explore weight, capacity and measure by weighing ingredients for cooking, playing with containers in the bath, using different tape measures to create their own investigations.
Below is a link to a site that has a variety of maths games for different abilities.
Share a story
It is important that your child reads or shares a book every day.  It has been proven that regular reading helps children to progress in all areas of the curriculum.
We have daily phonics sessions where we focus on building upon the skills needed for reading.  Below is a link to a website that we use in school which has good phonics games to try.
The Oxford Owl site has a large number of books on it that can be accessed in an electronic format free of charge. Reading e-books is popular with children and can often motivate them to read for longer than when reading paper books!
Tuesday will be library day when the children have the opportunity to choose from the many books we have in school to bring home and share.