Autumn 2017 Shape in Nature - Where can you find it?

Creative Days Topic Autumn 2017
- Shape in Nature - where can we find it?
This term the topic is shape across the curriculum......
Just a few photographs from Week One
Second session has been busy too......
Mia decided we needed a lot of perseverance because the leaves kept falling off. Jemima admired their prettiness, shape and different sizes. Poppy noticed spots on the leaves. Archie thought the leaves would be smooth but he was surprised by the fluffy texture!
Danny and Charlie harvested the ivy flowers despite nettle stings! We showed determination,teamwork, patience and perseverance in order to complete the curtain made out of flowers. 
Line Dancing!
Excellent start to whole school line dancing! Great co-ordination, rhythm and awareness of others needed.
More Andy Goldsworthy inspired art work in the environment.
Coats - based on designer Balenciaga's One Seam Coats
Our coats are completed. The children have pinned and cut their own coats from a pattern and chosen their own designs. The sewing techniques used by the children include couching, ruching, applique and surface embellishment.
They looked at the designs made by Cristobal Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen.
Mono-printed Curtain
The mono-printed 'curtain' is taking shape and on display in the work area outside Class 2. The mono-printing has been done on tracing paper which has been framed by art straws, linked together and hung from a wooden pole. 
The final Harvest Loaf and some delicious looking Chelsea buns!
Parent Celebration Afternoon
Friday 9th November
The children presented what they had been learning to their parents/carers and families.
Choir sang Sing by Gary Barlow to start off the afternoon. The children showed what they learned about Andy Goldsworthy and his work through an acrostic poem and a photograph slideshow presentation. 
The cooking group talked about what they learned about yeast and raising agents, kneading and proving breads. They demonstrated through a Bake Off techniques and vocabulary.
The sewing group found out about Cristobal Balenchiga and his one seam coat. They showed how we designed the pattern on newspaper and Courtney modelled a full size coat they had made and decorated.
The mono printing groups explained and demonstrated how to make your own mono-print.
Class 2 gave a fantastic rendition of the Shape Rap song they had composed. Reception and Year 1 presented their shape poem.
All groups danced The Virginia Reel, a line dance or barn dance. The children were dancing in mixed age groups and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.