Autumn 2016

We have had a very positive start to the term with the children being enthusiastic about our topic as shown by the homework produced so far. Thank you parents for all your hard working in supporting this!
As part of our them of Christianity and belonging to a community this term, we visited St Cuby's Church. We discussed what we would find in and around a church and their purpose. Several of the children have relatives buried in the churchyard going back several generations, this prompted discussion on where we all live and different locations in the country we have lived. 
Our Visit to Merrivale
Merrivale is a fine example of a prehistoric settlement.
We completed several activities including counting the stones in the stone rows, measuring the length of both of the stone rows as well as the diameter of the cairn in the middle of the largest row. We discovered hut circles and established entrances whilst thinking about what they would originally have looked like. We use compasses to find out what direction the stone stones lay in and the direction of the stone circle from the stone row. We were fascinated by the Cist, a ancient burial tomb and disucssed who we though might have been buried there.
We were blessed with the weather, although a little windy. A very successful visit.